What You’ll Find Here – Original MRO Post

Joy, damnit!

  • How much “me” is permissible in responsible motherhood?
  • How to put your kids first but still keep yourself intact, so that they have a parent who is happy, whole, and capable of setting great examples?
  • How to navigate the brave new world of parenthood with grace and purpose?
  • If you stay home, are you giving something up?
  • If you work, are you missing out at home?

Almost every mom I know grapples with these questions in some form, in fact they can become debilitating. Although we will explore everything under the sun. this blog is dedicated to these questions, to disassembling the “shoulds” in life, and to remembering to simply celebrate the pure rampant joy in motherhood.

Adventures Documented

I’m fascinated by what motherhood does to a person. As a pregnant woman, I felt I was growing two new people…my daughter and myself.  A new me that was likely a recycled and improved version of someone I had once been but long forgotten.  When you have a baby, everything becomes important, the weight of every decision so potent with consequence that you begin thinking in new ways and with new filters you didn’t even know you had. I find myself bursting with ideas and powerful emotions–desire, hope, creativity, fear, it seemed a shame to let them all trickle away with my thoughts in the shower.

This blog is a place to collect and record these unexpected thoughts and transformations. A place to reflect, yearn, create, seek, and find. I also hope to connect with fellow parents on their own adventure, especially those on the Westside. Tell me, what has parenthood done to you?

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