Stats: Sunny, 70 degrees in Santa Monica.
Typical day…our mood was anything but. We felt the sunshine, inside and out. I reminisced in the way that makes more memories. Billy Joel on Pandora delivered us hours of old favorite tunes. Aspen loves to dance in front of the mirror with Mommy. Or maybe it’s Mommy’s secret delight. 
Today Aspen was plunked on the middle of our floor chewing on her Sophie toy, as I worked on the computer.  Listening to Billy, Elton and Cat wail from the speakers, I felt an overwhelming sense of happiness. It’s so rare when life actually meets you in your moment. When you neither feel that you are trying to grab ahold of it, nor that it’s chasing you.  You’re just in it.  Sometimes complete “presence” can be enjoyed, but you don’t realize it until later, when you smile thinking back at how sweet it was. But at this moment today, I knew it…I felt exactly where I was in my life. And it was pure, simple, JOY.

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