Posted in February 2011

Good Karma & Santa Monica Yoga

Sending a backpost thank you and shout-out to Indira at Santa Monica Yoga for kicking off my article research! I thought there would be gobs of Mommy & Me Yoga options on the Westside and was surprised to find relatively few. She gave me lots of great ideas, her class was my first stop and … Continue reading

Says Who?

  Aspen is a smidge over seven months now. Someone asked me today whether I was working again and even as the words escaped my mouth, “No, I’m still on maternity leave”, I wanted to laugh at my own response. Ha! Girl, you’re not on leave anymore, that’s called UNEMPLOYED. At what point does “maternity … Continue reading


Oh YogaWorks. With the plethora of good-natured studios on the westside–how are you, with your ‘tude…always busy? By the skin of your great instructors that’s how. Next up in the yoga research marathon today was Raisa Lilling’s Baby & Me Yoga class. Though I found myself longing for music, Raisa gave us a nice workout. … Continue reading


Continuing the delicious research for my article! Today Aspen and I attended Desiree Bartlett’s Pre/Post-Natal Class at Exhale in Venice. What a treat. Pre-crawling babes through 9 months are welcomed, and with roughly 25 moms and moms-to-be, at least half of them had baby in tow. Desi created a safe nurturing environment for the babies … Continue reading


I’ve worked a bit backwards with this blog business, beginning my collection of entries before actually creating the darn thing.  Early this morning while Aspen was sleeping I refined my list of “things you’ll expect to see here”. One of them was “adventures in pregnancy and domesticity”. My husband laughed when he heard that one. … Continue reading



“Today may I realize that of all the possibilities in the universe, my child and I found each other.“ I’m so grateful that you chose us.



Yesterday my brother asked me what I missed most about working. I rattled off a couple thoughts regarding camaraderie, hustle and bustle etc…but the truth is that I’ve been so busy savoring what I’m doing now that it hasn’t occurred to me that there is anything to miss. I installed a chalkboard in our kitchen, … Continue reading