Yesterday my brother asked me what I missed most about working. I rattled off a couple thoughts regarding camaraderie, hustle and bustle etc…but the truth is that I’ve been so busy savoring what I’m doing now that it hasn’t occurred to me that there is anything to miss. I installed a chalkboard in our kitchen, we call it the “Gratitude Board”. It’s a place where Sergio and I can jot down things in our life we feel grateful for in any given moment, so we can be reminded later of of all the blessings in our life. Awhile back I wrote on the board: “the ability to wake up every day and create my life from scratch”. I truly feel that with Aspen’s arrival that is what I have set out to do. To create a life for the three of us that I am proud of, a life that is rich with creativity, productivity, love and laughter. So with that goal in mind…there is no time to miss anything. I’ll return to the working world soon enough, when the time is right for our family. But for now–in this current existence–there is only time to imagine, plan, and CHARGE.

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