Continuing the delicious research for my article! Today Aspen and I attended Desiree Bartlett’s Pre/Post-Natal Class at Exhale in Venice. What a treat. Pre-crawling babes through 9 months are welcomed, and with roughly 25 moms and moms-to-be, at least half of them had baby in tow. Desi created a safe nurturing environment for the babies and pregnant mamas, while offering slightly more challenging poses for the rest of us.  I loved the mommy & me modifications. Aspen giggled as I heaved her over my head in a modified yogi squat…at nearly 18 pounds a pop this is no small feat.
Towards the end of class she threw on some beats and all the moms with babes danced in a circle, singing each baby’s name out in unison. While other pre/post natal classes have left me feeling uninspired, Desi’s approach was a great balance of movement, restoration and adult fun. It seems she is quite the poster gal for fit mamahood.

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