Don’t let the clever photos fool you. Today was a hard Mommy day. I wish I had a bowl of red wine to shove my head into, but will have to settle for a book in bed instead.
It is definitely time for me to go back to work. There I said it. “Llllaaaaahhhh…!!!”  (enter the sound of epiphany). I am officially and unequivocally ready to re-join the working world. Aspen knows it and so do I. Today as we played and it was apparent I had run out of creative diversions, she actually looked at me with an expression that said “…seriously?”.
We both need fresh meat. Me in the realm of adult company, sweat and achievement,  and her in the realm of enthusiastic entertainment.
Ok universe…I’m ready for a home-run, let’s make this happen.
beginnings of peek-a-boo…returned!

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