Inspiration, Gracias.

Finishing a book of essays by an author named Sloane Crosley who is the closest thing to a female David Sedaris as I’ve encountered. I experience both envy and awe at her slaughtering word choice. It must be productive if not at least inspiring for an aspiring writer gal to find new literary heroes. Yes?Today for instance I wanted badly to compose a blog post but felt empty of meaningful thoughts to share. Having had a blissful week of adult company and baby help thanks to my mom, I’ve stayed out of my brain and present in the world instead. But thanks to Ms. Crosley…inspiration strikes! Reading her work and the work of other authors I adore is likely akin to a teenage guitarist blasting Led Zeppelin in their poster covered bedrooms, mimicking every riff and melody. I’m compelled to throw down my book, grab the nearest blank object and begin scribbling, typing or recording my thoughts as they ooze quickly out of my brain.

So it’s here that I say thank you to all those who inspire! Thank you to those who take the time to do things well, who value their time upon this earth as a gift to be maximized.

Thank you to those who develop and share their talents, kick ass and flip birds, and still manage to keep their zen.

Thank you to those who strive for more and better, always. You encourage me, all of us, to do the same.


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