Today’s post is dedicated to so many people that I love. I think you know who you are.
At her 2010 Women’s Conference, Maria Shriver was asked if she thought the modern woman could ever hope to “have it all”? A successful marriage, career, family, personal life, etc.

She replied something to the effect of: ‘Yes, I think you can have it all. Just not all at once.

Agreed Maria!

I appreciate this perspective, viewing one’s accomplishments over a lifetime, each one intertwined with the other, allowed to ebb and flow naturally. As opposed to cramming them simultaneously into a rigid pie chart, the slices becoming thinner and thinner as time goes on.

That’s just cruel. Only a true masochist would subject themselves to such rigorous expectations. But many of us do.

How can we arrive at the place where our achievements are not entangled with our sense of happiness?

I think Maria would agree, that the ultimate and truest accomplishment in life, is to be happy and to find your joy, no matter where you feel you’ve “achieved”, “failed” or how the accomplishments are stacking up.  The person that can do that, no matter what their resume or current circumstance, will always come out on top.

The best gift we can give ourselves, and our families, is to be fully present–and full of gratitude–in every moment possible.

Happiness should have no contingencies.

So how about we all give ourselves a ‘lil break, and remember to remember our joy. No matter where we are.

One thought on “HAPPINESS OR BUST

  1. I agree! I like your analogy to a pie chart — there are only so many ways you can divide it before each slice ends up little more than a pile of crumbs.

    Thanks for your comment on my blog. Adorable girl you've got there!

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