In the last 24 hours I have:

  •  Accidentally shoplifted 4 jars of organic baby food from a local Vons. I won’t be using the BOB as a shopping basket anymore.
  • Let one rip in public and attempted to blame it on my innocent baby, gasping in faux-shock as I looked accusingly down at her stroller…only to discover that she was fast asleep.
  • Glanced down at a dark smudge on my hand and wondered half-heartedly, “huh. could that be poop?”

Care to share any of your moments?

Three cheers for motherhood

4 thoughts on “I’LL SHOW YOU MINE

  1. It takes a brave, and apparently very gassy, woman to admit to such things. But please, that is nothing! I've shoplifted way worse (or better?) than a few old jars of baby-food. Most recently I came dangerously close to [truly innocently] wandering out of Nordstrom with a collection of hanger-ed items neatly dangling from the stroller handle. And as for embarrassing, should I be alarmed that I frequently leave Mae's room post nursing and find many minutes later that I've forgotten not only to pull down my shirt, but also to pull UP the flaps on my nursing bra? I don't care how kinky you are – worn out boobies hanging (and I mean hanging) out of cut-outs is NEVER a good look…

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