Thinking about you, lying in your hospital bed and wondering what you must be thinking. How you’re feeling, if the medication is allowing you to think or feel at all. My mind is scanning memories like old newspapers on a microfiche screen, slowing down to pore over the ones that must be so potent, if only I could remember them clearly. Trinity is ever-present, I think you were happiest there. I never saw you on a golf course though I imagine it lent you the same satisfied grin…

Goodbye Grandpa Marvin. You were fun, feisty, stubborn (i know nothing about this trait) and kind…and your family loved you. I loved you! You taught me about golf and the Skins tournament, over Cokes with lime in red plastic cups, while Mom and Dad were in Hawaii. You were a handsome devil, a proud golfer, and an avid fisherman. I loved your sly grin, the goofy laugh that lit up your eyes…usually while telling a story involving the comedic misfortune of someone you loved.  I’ll miss the way you approached a piece of chocolate cream pie, with reckless abandon and crumbs in flight.

You’re at peace now, and for that I’m grateful. Our family won’t be the same without you. Grandpas hold a space in this world that no one else can fill. Thanks for loving us in your way. I hope your next chapter is filled with all the well-stocked lakes, endless greens, puppy dogs and leggy blondes you can handle. Aspen sends you a big baby kiss and a wave. She knows you loved her too.


  1. What an incredible tribute, Sweet Autumn. We just lost my G-pa last month- my most favorite person on the planet. So sorry to hear of your loss. Sounds like you had an equally amazing Grandpa. xoxo

  2. Joy thank you…and I'm sorry to hear your Grandpa moved on as well. It's a bittersweet time when we're forced to say goodbye but also an opportunity to remember all the good times. xxx

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