Posted in May 2011



How has so much time passed without a post?! Oh, right…I know how.  From countless hours spent happily researching fellow bloggers for my new j-o-b in the last 3 weeks (newest faves listed on ‘Places I Love’ page). So many witty, snarky, sentimental, smart and brave ladies; recording their families’ lives and splaying their emotional … Continue reading


I thought I knew what I wanted to write about Mothers Day. My entire post was almost complete before we headed out to meet friends for a celebratory lunch. We had a great afternoon and on the way home I returned all the lovely texts I received from friends and family on my first Mothers … Continue reading

Guiltless Patriotism + Happy Stuff

After an apartment move, a bout of Roseola, a sudden death in the family, and the start of a new job all in a two week span (yeah for adulthood!) I’m finally feeling settled and ready to spout again. To cover the span of time I’ve got a few points to cover, so please forgive … Continue reading