Guiltless Patriotism + Happy Stuff

After an apartment move, a bout of Roseola, a sudden death in the family, and the start of a new job all in a two week span (yeah for adulthood!) I’m finally feeling settled and ready to spout again. To cover the span of time I’ve got a few points to cover, so please forgive the random-ness.
Re: Osama. I can see by the overwhelming number of deep, emotionally and culturally poignant quote quoting on Facebook, that we’re having a hard time processing how to feel about the news of his death. For once in my indecisive life I do not share this confusion. My thoughts:
  • There is no way to know whether or not we are safer. Only time will tell.
  • Rejoicing in his death does not make us monsters, just as a collective exhale from the capture of a mass murderer…does not make us monsters.
  • No this is not going to be the Challenger equivalent for today’s youth. He was not a hero suddenly blown to shreds in the sky…and I suspect a large portion of tweens and under have no idea who he even is.
  • Now that Al Qaeda and the Taliban have released their promises of retaliation, the news media can rest easy that as the face of terror continues on, so can they with their relentless and profitable pursuit of fear-mongering.
There, nuff o’ that. On to more joyous things.
Re: the coolest $25 purchase EVER…please see…my new desk.
Tah-Dah! She’s called an Artists Desk. The name, along with her perfectly rounded corners and aura of possibility/potential, well it all brings a huge smile to my face.
Adorable right? I’m envisioning lots of early morning outpourings, new vistas, and self-congratulation.
Re: the babe who inspired me to start this little project. She is babbling and crawling all around her new apartment at increasingly high speeds. Much to the chagrin of our poor kitty. And so much to say! We’re blown away by how aware she is of everything around her, like a 10-year old trapped in a 10-month old body.


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