I thought I knew what I wanted to write about Mothers Day. My entire post was almost complete before we headed out to meet friends for a celebratory lunch. We had a great afternoon and on the way home I returned all the lovely texts I received from friends and family on my first Mothers Day.By the time we arrived home…after a morning of cooking, an afternoon of socializing and then a typical bedtime routine, I was blissfully exhausted. I received a text from my brother wishing me a Happy Mothers Day, and he asked me, “how did it feel?” I replied, “like a birthday you have to work for, but it made me feel really grateful for our beautiful babe,” with a wink.

Later in the night something started to bother me.  I couldn’t relax and realized that I wasn’t satisfied with my answer, I wished I could take it back and answer properly. As I nursed Aspen back to sleep near 11pm, it also occurred to me that my original blog posting was not going to cut it either.

Being a mother is the worlds greatest gift. Ridiculously hard, frustrating and terrifying, but such a gift. The chance to completely surrender yourself and give life to another delicious little being is priceless, and nothing that deserves even the slightest bit of sarcasm.  So big brother, I think I missed the point the first time around. I stand firm on the gratitude portion, but what Mothers Day really felt like, was having the universe tip it’s hat to the most precious thing I’ve ever experienced. Pure magic.

And thanks, you always ask the best questions. xo


  1. Alm,

    Thanks for the update. I'm glad your first Mother's Day allowed you to acknowledge something so special. I really appreciate the sincerity of your answer(s).

    Keep sharing your thoughts on motherhood and life. They are a gift to us.



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