Do you ever pass someone on the street, and for reasons that you can’t explain, you say hello and flash them a huge smile? Sometimes they return the smile and for a moment you think to yourself, “I bet we would be friends”. We’ve all had those moments…right? Here’s the story of one of mine.

Today Aspen and I set out on a two-part adventure, involving a walk to the beach to meet Daddy post-surf lesson, plus a pitstop at Farmers Market. It’s a typical outing and one that always triple-confirms our decision to live here. This town rocks.
But here’s what really lit the trip on fire….we had our second encounter with one of my favorite actresses, an award-winning, ass-kicking, hottie-Mom whose name I’ll withhold. Respect, yo.

I’ve always admired her for her ability to play such a bad-ass. But then again I’m a sucker for any character with a strong fist, a hoo-hah and a penchant for justice.

After I got pregnant, our paths began to cross and the woman behind the celebrity really caught my eye.  I noticed her first not as a celeb, but as a regular mom who had incredible energy with her kids. Happiness exuded from them.

One day we passed each other in the Co-Op.  As I looked up from my cart and caught her eye, I gasped and said “Oh, Hello!” in that falsely familiar way that you sometimes feel towards celebs. She glanced down at my pregnant belly, flashed me a huge, genuine smile and said “Hi!”.  It made my day.  I’ve crossed paths with a crapload of famous people since we moved here 6 years ago, and never usually think twice. But for some reason this encounter stuck with me. So you can imagine my delight, when crossing the street today I happen upon the same beautiful lady with her kids. You know I couldn’t help myself right? I mean, I’m not at a loss for words on a BAD day, so no way was I going to pass this up.

Me: “Oh wow, last time we saw each other (pointing to the stroller)… she was still in my belly!”
HER:  “She’s adorable, how old?”
Me: “Almost 11 months!”
HER: “You don’t even look like you had a baby!”
We chatted for another few seconds before I scooted shyly away muttering something about “enjoy your Sunday”. She could not have been nicer, and I was pleased with myself for having the guts to stop and chat.

She may be a superstar but I suspect she’s a fantastic human as well. Why do I feel that we know each other? Do I sound stalky? Yes we share a last name, but what else? Maybe in a past life we were sisters, or trained side by side in witchcraft and cast spells that freed captives from slavery?

I do believe that people can share similar energy, that maybe their souls vibrate at the same frequency, …tapped into the same juice. It explains how occasionally you’ll meet someone at a party and after 10 minutes you feel that you’ve known them forever. Maybe you have …I certainly am not well-versed enough in the topic of past lives to attempt to dive in here. But in a general sense — there has to be something to this human connection topic.

Or maybe, she’s just darn talented at connecting with people, on- and off-screen.


breakin’ the law


  1. Hi! I'm visiting from Voiceboks. 🙂

    This is so wonderful. I don't know how to explain it, but I totally know where you're coming from. I've met so many people that I just connect with too well, and while I'm not religious and have never really thought much into it, I've felt that belief that we have had past lives, and that in our current ones we find the people we're meant to connect with. Hm.

    Anyway, I loved this! I'll be following you once I find your GFC. I'd do it elsewhere but I know me, and I know I'd never actually read it if it weren't in my Blogger homepage.

    Taylor from Duely Noted. It would be lovely if you could visit.

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