Mommyfriend & Project Marriage: Our Love Story

When one of my favorites bloggers kicked off a “tell your marriage love story” blog hop a few weeks ago, I couldn’t resist. Of course I think we have the best love story in the world. But I’ll let you guys decide.
Sergio first crossed my path in October of 2003. We met at a W Hotel DJ party and I thought to myself, “pshhh. Latin player.”

Terrible, right?  But he was gorgeous and I could hardly blame him. He made such an impression, weeks later I found myself still thinking about him.  We were both dating other people—him the lovely Heather Thompson with whom I am still dear friends—and me, a Marina gent whose right leaning political tendencies quickly overshadowed his sweet demeanor. Shockingly, we didn’t last long.

Three months after my first encounter with the hottie Colombian, we found ourselves single, and sharing a ride with friends to a party in downtown San Francisco. It was one of those crazy nights where a flask is passed around the backseat, beats are bumpin’, and anticipation of a long, fun night is high. A hangover was imminent but we didn’t care.

Serg and I, tending to our buzz and waiting for our pals to emerge from the first gathering, waited patiently on Powell Street. I spied a smooth glass window and decided I needed a handstand immediately. Of course I insisted that he join me in this. Instead of arguing or asking why, he simply dove forward and executed a perfect window-stand…expensive leather loafers resting almost at ceiling height. After returning to his feet, he flashed me a grin, and planted a sweet kiss square on my lips. I loved his confidence — it all just felt so right.

Eleven months later, still going strong, we traveled to his hometown in Cartagena, Colombia to vacation with 25 friends. Craaaaaziness. One week into the trip, our group took an overnight field trip to Isla del Pirata, an island off the coast of Colombia, owned by Sergio’s godparents. It was there that he surprised me with a beachside marriage proposal and an engagement ring. 

Two years later we were married at the Cartagena Naval Club amongst family and friends.

I consider meeting, and marrying this man to be one of the luckiest events (and smartest moves) of my life. Yes he drives me batty sometimes — isn’t that one of the rules of marriage? But I know that I can count on him for absolutely anything I need in this world, including endless love, adoration, loyalty, strength, friendship and fun. Lots of fun. We’re good at that. He is a great human, and I’m so grateful to have him at my side.  I can’t imagine life without him. Love love love.

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