Happy Birthday Sugar Bean

Sugar Sugar – pumpkin girl, little light of my life. A year ago today you stormed the gates to join our hearts and our home forever. Before you were born I wondered what you would be like. Would you be shy, or outspoken, would you prefer funky sneaks or high heels?  Once you arrived –full of opinions at maximum decibel– I didn’t have to wonder long. You were mine! (I mean ours, ahem…sorry honey.) 

Today is your birthday and wouldn’t you know it…you woke us at 5:30am with a fever. Poor babe, this is not what we envisioned as the joyous celebration your first birthday would be. It’s 9:30pm and we’re all exhausted. Daddy is in bed, I’ll be joining him shortly in case the night ahead of us turns out to be rough.(Ok it’s now 11pm and I’m typing this with my right hand, cradling you with my left. …must…finish…post.)

Over the last couple weeks, I’ve reluctantly said goodbye to my sweet nursing baby and awesome boobs (and hello to the sad little has-beens that have replaced them). But I’m overjoyed to witness the ambitious little toddler you’ve become. Seeing you race around the apartment –hands up, toes down and all smiles– and hearing the little pat pat pat of your feet, is by far the most sweet, magical and entertaining event of my life. Coming from a girl with a PhD in fun, that’s saying a lot. 

It’s hard to remember where we were a year ago today. So much has happened and yet it feels just like yesterday.  Your Daddy and I are so grateful you chose us. You inspire us to be better people. With you, everything in life is just BETTER.Except sleep of course, but who really needs that?

Happy Birthday babygirl.

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