Lately I’ve been beating myself up. “Autumn, you’re neglecting the blog, Autumn, you’re not being productive enough, Autumn you shouldn’t relax with your hubby for an hour to watch Californication, you should be reading or writing instead.” Ugh. Where’s the balance? I’ve spent the last 2 years effectively growing, giving birth to, and then nursing, the funniest and cutest little babygirl that’s ever walked the earth.

Don’t I deserve some guilt-free fun?

Yup I do.

So I went to Vegas. For a bachelorette party. With some of the smartest, and most fun gals I know.  Then I grabbed my honey and headed up to Hat Creek.  We blasted music, hiked creekpaths and drank cocktails in the Nor Cal sun with 16 of my closest high school pals.

And right now? I’m sitting in a hotel room in San Diego, resting up for the next round of blogger social media mania at BlogHer 11.

My adult fun cup runneth over. Yes I worked for it, yup I deserve it, and hells yes it will make me a better mom and wife.

Clearly I’m having too much fun enjoying my life, to spend much time writing or thinking about it.  In a way this is awesome and acceptable for a short while – but what I really want is to evolve the practice to a point where it becomes more abundant, timely, and immune to the whims of life’s rollercoasters. I’d like to devise a post conference plan, full of just enough inspiration and dedication, to take some of this writing and social engagement stuff to the next level.  To take all of the enjoyment of my new job, the desire to write a bit more, and the discovery of the power and juicy potential of social media — and continue connecting up the dots that will allow the next chapter of my life to unfold.

At BlogHer in the Fox Million Moments Van. Oh yeah, we had our bad selves inserted into a scene from Napoleon Dynamite.
In the meantime, a shoutout to the babygirl who makes my heart go pitter-patter.

Right now you’re up to:

*Putting lots of stuff in stuff. The remote control goes in the toilet, the tennis ball in the kitty food, my cell phone into tight dark corners. I’m thinking a ferret might have snuck in to teach you his tricks. But it’s so super cute to watch your brain make all the connections between objects.

*Shaking your head “NO

*“Sharing, or, making Mommy drink some of every drink we give you.

*Climbing up, climbing down. Oh boy do you love the stairs. And the couch, and the storage chests, and the bed, and…


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