Hungry Hearts follow-up post: how you can help

So it turns out some people (besides my parents) actually read Mommy Rock Out.  Not a gob, but a solid handful. Hello to you — and thanks for lending your ear to my journey. Though it was born out of a deep desire to collect my inner dialogue and document my daughters milestones, I do love getting feedback and knowing that some peeps out there are listening.

A few readers in particular were concerned about my post re: childhood hunger in America. One in four kids face food insecurity every day in this country, and 1 in 7 citizens are dependent on some form of food assistance.

Staggering statistics aren’t they?

In the summer these kids are even worse off, as they don’t have access to the free and reduced meals their schools provide during the year. It’s heartbreaking to think of a childhood in which the end of summer signals the relief of a full belly, and not the impending doom of homework.

You asked how to help, here’s how:

Right now the Cultural Care Kids First Foundation is matching donations to Share Our Strength: No Kid Hungry, up to $10,000 through the end of August. Every $1 will connect a child with 10 meals. Here is a link to the donation page if y’all feel so inclined, but please at least sign the pledge.  And drop me a comment back here when you do, so I can give you a long-distance bear hug.

Some other quality orgs working on the same issue: Feeding America, Slow Food, Moms Rising, Jamie Oliver.

Let’s do this. Over and out.

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