Big Girls & Freight Trains

Who is this little girl? I’m looking over pictures with a crazy mixture of pride, awe and disbelief at the little person she has become. A far cry from the colicky, needy, anti-social babe who couldn’t be bothered with large groups. And forget about a party.

But now – she IS the party. She’s charming strangers and turning heads at every corner.  She’s a new person, a budding little human. We sit and watch as she entertains and teases us. She is our ringmaster. For lack of a better word, we’re “whooped”. Next week she goes to child care and my job goes to almost full-time. Wha? Serg and I are already mourning her departure.Life feels like it’s screaming by. Like a freight train we’ve just managed to run down, and now sit with feet dangling, enjoying the view – but wanting to slow it all down….

Does the world ever take your breath away? Do you ever sit still, perfectly secure in your space and feel every aspect of your life in such a deep and grateful way, that you are almost brought to tears? In this moment you actually feel the world vibrating, pulsing through you, as if you are connected and in sync. You’ve caught your rhythm. A juicy song comes on in the background and you think, “damn, this life is sweet”. The beauty of it all is almost too much to bear. You close your eyes and savor it, for you’ve been around long enough to know that this feeling doesn’t last forever. But just one taste, in the blink of an eye, makes all the rest of that shit so worth it.
Yes…we call that JOY.

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