Dear President Obama (uncensored)

Dear President Obama,
On the day you were elected — we cheered, we danced, we felt all the hope and possibility you had fed us for the last 15 months. We were full…and on the winning team once again.
But you’re letting us down. They’re pushing you around and you’re turning the other cheek. What happened?
You attempted to close the tax gap and make wealthy Americans pay their fair share.  They cried “ouch!”…and you caved.
You preached green technology, clean energy, and promised to protect our air and water quality. Then industry lobbyists cried “economy!” and “it will cost us money!”
And you caved. Not only did you cave, but you ordered our very own EPA to abandon their pursuits to curb toxic emissions.
President Obama, I’m sure I don’t need to remind you that our middle class is hungry, jobless …verging on desperate. Congress is clearly too busy planning their next clusterfuck to bother with passing legislation that will actually help their constituents. To top it off…the more you “fail”, the more the Republicans smile, and count their impending votes.
YOU are our only hope. For Gods’ sakes man…find your balls! Put on your boots and boxing gloves and get to work. Sign an executive order, get crazy, …do something! Accomplish just a percentage of the things you promised us. Are you afraid twisting arms and taking chances will cost you the re-election? Nah…your negligence is doing that just fine.
I’m angry. Your constituents are angry. You promised us the world and delivered a shrug.  We know they’re cock-blocking you at every corner. But guess what? You’re letting them. So stop it. Get mad with us, and take action. We elected you, we stand by you, and you are after all, the leader of the free world.
Aren’t you?
When even our knight in shining armor is screwing us…where do we turn to next?

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2 thoughts on “Dear President Obama (uncensored)

  1. Autumn, After you wrote me the nice thank you, I saw your website, which caught my attention, and I checked it out. Your energy and creativity are amazing, but did you really send the above letter to Pres. Obama? If you sent it to him, did you receive a reply? Just curious! Aren’t you glad you live in a country with freedom of speech?

    • Lang thank you! I’ve had neither the energy nor the creativity to write much since the birth of our 2nd baby and the loss of Dad…but I will start again soon. I would have trouble being a proper Moss without my first amendment rights, though I did not go so far as to send the President the letter directly. Thanks for stopping by, I’m honored to have you read my blog.

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