Babes on Bikes: Get a Yepp and Get Smilin’

Ok let’s get one thing straight. I’m not a product reviewer, nor do I intend to become one. This is not out of some virtue of snobbery – I just doubt I have enough loyal readers to really warrant it.  BUT this gizmo has brought so many smiles to my face, I had to share with y’all. 

One of Serg’s clients gave us a Yepp Mini when Aspen was born. She knew we had a pair of beach cruisers that we loved to ride around town. It’s why you live in Santa Monica – to cruise the boardwalk with a huge smile and marvel at the beauty and good vibes around you. Whether he had shared with his client our secret mourning after Aspen was born (“when will we get to ride our bikes again?”), I have no idea.  But it turned out to be one of our favorite baby gifts.  The moment her noggin filled the smallest helmet we could find, we strapped her in and took off. Smiles abound.
Aspen circa 10 months – 1st ride
What’s awesome about this seat is that babe gets to ride up front – no more birds-eye view of Daddy’s crack – she gets the front car on this roller coaster. This also means that Mom and Dad don’t have to turn around every 5 seconds to see if she’s ok.

The Yepp Mini is suitable for babes that can hold themselves upright (and properly fit an infant bike helmet), through 33lbs.

New parents if you ride bikes – I highly recommend one! Friends if you have friends who ride bikes and are expecting – get one for them. Of course be sure to check specs on the website to make sure it fits your particular bike frame. 

Showing off at daycare

When I bike Aspen through the park with a smile as big as my face, I gobble up the various looks of amused amazement like Miss PacMan gobbling up points.
 I feel like Mr. Jones on the day he brings home his fancy new Mercedes, looking out his window at gawking neighbors. “Thaz right, you want one o’ these don’t you?”
But unlike a Mercedes – “you/anyone” …can TOTALLY have one o’ these.
Aspen – 14 months
Simple pleasures, my friends. Get yours.

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