Finding the Light

I’m craving an orchard. A place to behold and celebrate life in this potent harvest time.
A place to work, find peace, smell the dirt and feel the simple heat of the earths light… the crunch and crackle of the wind. A place where exhaustion is won through joyous hard work, instead of defeating stress. I’m seeking a place to retreat, where none but the purest of heart shall pass. A place to be still and content, and feel the world as it rushes by.
A place where the crush of outside forces is disarmed and poison flows only backwards.
A place where crickets and guitars are my lullaby.
I’m craving deep breaths, genuine smiles, and health for my whole family. We buried a beloved matriarch and skipped Halloween in our mourning. I will remember her and still revel in this season.
I collapsed on my bed yesterday and fell into a deep sleep. When I woke at dusk, this was my view, the most beautiful light-filled sunset sky I’ve seen here.
Thank you wild universe, I’m ready for your light.

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