Funny dichotomies – or – Mommy’s just wacked.

Very little of what I actually write, think, or shoot ends up here. I try to keep posts current but sometimes dig up little nuggets that ask to be shared. Going back over scribblings from a couple weeks ago, during a particularly rough week, I found this little ditty:

“Insanity, delirium, torn, tattered.

Dad’s back on the ventilator.

Flu baby – no daycare for working mommy this week.

Lexus sat on a nail. Again?

Knock knock …Jeep in the shop …yes, again.

Gremlin Mommy – poor Serg.”

It’s my favorite word spew as of late. Completely forgotten but definitely mental. I remember exactly how I felt at the time and full sentences were no longer available. I was one of those teddy bears with the limbs hanging by a thread and ears with chunks chewed out of them. “Uncle” was my status on Facebook for a few days. I meant it as a plea not a dare – knowing full well that shit could actually get much worse if it wanted to.

Luckily it didn’t. In the same batch of notes and just a week later, I found these photos. Inspired by a sliver moon and a beautiful night in the park, gratitude blew in with the warm air.


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