A Whole Lotta Good

Pinch me.  I’m waiting to either wake up or see a shoe quietly hitting the floor.As of Sunday, Dad is out of ICU and moved to his own fancy hospital room with a view of the trees and mountains outside. He seems to be climbing the hill to recovery – albeit slowly. But we’ll take that snails pace over the alternative.Yesterday – I treated myself to a yoga class, an acupuncture session and a spontaneous mid-afternoon delight with my fine hubby. Self-care baby. I’ll tell ya – that is a winning trio – the world has not looked so sparkly in a looooong time.
Today – it’s 75 degrees outside and not one person in my house is sick (knocking on wood right now). We’re rallying friends for margaritas.

Thank you life, THIS is what I was talking about.  More please.

And now for more goodness.  Babygirl, you’ve found your words.

“Mommy! Papi! Orange? Cheez. Ow-side? Moon….Star.  Aarrrr!”  (yup, just like a pirate)
You’ve also learned the power of repetition in getting our attention. Early this morning from your crib: “Mommy. Mommy? Mommy…mahhhh-meee…mahhhh-meee…Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!”Or last night in the kitchen: “Jooz? Jooz? Jooz? Jooz. Appuh jooz. Appuh joooozzzzz?”New words are flying out of your mouth at epic speed. We’re floored – impressed and a little petrified at the same time. A few of the not-so-charming additions include no! mine!, and the rapid arm-flapping you employ whenever things aren’t going your way.You’ve also taken to launching undesirable objects across the room, or biting said objects with a vengeance to display your protest. This includes diapers, pajamas, toothbrushes and sometimes Mommy’s hands when attached to any of them.  It’s alright. I’m sure I can use these memories against you down the road somehow.

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