Good Times n’ Crows

I love this life. I love my job; I love our apartment; and my husband and daughter and our kitty; and the wind that blows over Santa Monica treetops outside our balcony window. I love that emotional outpourings + blogging= run-on sentences are ok.
I love that we spend our weekends doing this:
Aspen’s 1st dinghy ride, Marina del Rey
And I love that instead of commuting these days, I get to do this:
Vista point at Los Liones Trail, Pacific Palisades. Word.
I love this town and also the one that hosted my childhood. I love my family and friends and wish I was dancing with every one of them right now – margaritas in hand. 
There are days when joy escapes me and gratitude is clouded by perceived bad luck. But not today. Today there is no end to the love: I love it all.
Except for the crows that woke us at 4:45am. They can suck it.
…Actually I secretly love them too. Naughty good-time havin’ crows. Secretly, I’m one of them.

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