FashionABLE: Awesome Scarves by Awesome Women

Remember last winter when I spilled my guts about the Chookooloonks PathFinder Course like a giddy schoolgirl? Well, the incredible woman behind Chookooloonks, Karen Walrond, was invited to Ethiopia with the ONE Campaign to document this year’s ONE Moms trip. ONE Moms is roughly 10 parenting bloggers that have been sent to Ethiopia for the past few years to document for one week, the life and plight of Ethiopian women and their families. Each trip ONE chooses a different group of bloggers to send, in the hopes that they will each bring the stories of these women home to their readers, and spread awareness of how much help is still needed.

This year Karen was the official photographer for ONE Moms. You can check out her stories here.

What I’m leading up to …is that this year ONE Moms visited FashionABLE in Addis Ababa, a non-profit that aims to lift women out of the sex trade and poverty by training them in weaving. The product of their labor is these unique and beautiful scarves, each infused with the hard work and determination of the beautiful hands that made them.

scarves  (photo credit: Chookooloonks)

Karen brought home a few extra scarves, hosted a giveaway on her blog…and guess who won? I love winning stuff, especially gorgeous meaningful things that make me feel good every time I wear them.


So…it’s the holiday season, don’t you think these scarves would make great gifts? The material is soft and the colors are super vibrant. Take a peek at the site here, giving with a purpose can be so much more fulfilling than regular retail therapy.

That’s all for now loves, over and out.  Hope you’re all enjoying the beginning of this glimmering season.

–> And thank you Karen, for again adding some serious GOODness to my world, and the world in general.

2 thoughts on “FashionABLE: Awesome Scarves by Awesome Women

  1. Thanks AMP! This is awesome and will definitely grab some woven-wear for a great cause! I came across an amazing and similarly inspiring org listening to Dick Gordon’s “The Story” last week..see link below, go to “Follow the bouncing ball” story and go a bit lower to the audio link to hear about the One World Futbol Project…you really need to hear this story to get the full gravitas, so listen to The Story piece first, then go to the org’s website…much love, Feliz and warmest wishes to you, Aspen, Serge and baby! CT

  2. Beauty & brains?! thanks for sharing this awesome story! Get us back on track for a MEANINGFUL and PURPOSEFUL gift giving season- all this Black Friday, retail craziness is out of control! What a materialistic, stuff-filled society it’s influencing. We need more of you in this world 🙂 Thank you Rockin Mommy!

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