Restore Your Faith in Humanity: Read Hope Runs

Hey there!

Long time no see, right? Yeah I know…but two babies and two startups later, I’m back. And with a purpose: I want to introduce you guys to someone who is inspiring the hell out of me right now. She’s my latest lady crush, forging paths, changing destinies and making admirable things happen on this planet. She recently co-wrote a book called Hope Runs, that moved my soul in the way that only human kindness can do. I received a pre-release copy of her book in exchange for sharing my feedback, no affiliate links here.


Please meet Claire Diaz-Ortiz: scholar, blogger, author, mother, world-changer. She leads Social Innovation at Twitter and has been nicknamed “the woman who got the Pope on Twitter”. She’s one of my real-life heroes…and not because she’s well-educated, thought-provoking, and generous with her knowledge. Mostly Claire’s my hero because she’s kind, humble, powerful, and acts bravely and decisively from her heart. She changes the world in the way that most of us only dream about.

Here’s the skinny: before entering grad school Claire took an extended trip around the world. At her last stop, she stayed the night in a Kenyan orphanage before setting out to climb Mt. Kenya. Only she never did climb Mt. Kenya. She was compelled by a force larger than herself to stay at that orphanage. Hope Runs is the story of what happened next, the chronicle of “An American Tourist, a Kenyan Boy, and A Journey of Redemption”, written jointly by Claire and Sammy Ikua Gachagua, the orphan who stole her heart. The description on the inside book jacket says it best:










I just finished Hope Runs: I laughed, I cried, I tweeted my emotional outbursts:

There’s a category on this blog called ‘giving a shit and doing something about it’. Claire is the embodiment of that sentiment (though I doubt she’d agree with my usage of the s-word).  Read Hope Runs and let the message run loose in your soul. You can’t help but be inspired.

And if you fall in love with Claire like I did, consider subscribing to her blog as well. You can thank me later.

Xo – Autumn

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