About Me & MRO

This is the second iteration of Mommy Rock Out, originally born a few months after our first daughter in the winter of 2011, as a place to collect my newfound creative whims. To read my original blog mission statement from that time, check out this bubbly optimistic original post, written from a place I am clearly way too exhausted to be visiting currently. I blame the toddler who refuses to sleep in her own bed.

Despite my current exhaustion, I still stand by The Joy…it is all about The Joy people.

This time around, the goal with Mommy Rock Out is to bridge the personal into the universal, to discuss topics that are on the minds of my parent and soon-to-be parent peers, and share with you the cool stuff I find in my social media/working mom/general life-enthusiast day.

Still want to know more? Here’s the nitty-gritty:

I love my people with all my might.

I love the world so much it sometimes hurts.

I celebrate the human in humanity.

I managed Community & Marketing as a member of the launch team at startup keepy.me, one of my favorite apps for parents of young children.

I was previously Social Marketing Manager for Totsy.com (now Modnique).

I create social and digital marketing strategy for interesting companies.

Camping, traveling and communing with loved ones in beautiful places makes me happy.

I love to dance. Either salsa with my husband, swing with my Dad (rest his soul), or solo alongside friends next to the DJ booth at a crowded pool party.

I am struck regularly with the desire to write about deep emotional human experiences, and rarely find the time to get the words down on paper.

I believe in the power of food. Good food and community surrounding it, are requirements for healthy humans and a healthy society. This is a tragically non-existent part of American culture. Our family belongs to a CSA program and roughly 90% of our produce comes from pesticide-free locally grown farms. We cook most meals at home, and create opportunities to gather friends and eat well. It is one of my long-term goals to help support healthy eating & food justice for American families. But I’d be lying if I told you my kids eats many veggies, they don’t.

I am married to the kindest, and most handsome man I have ever met, and even on our darkest days I know there is no better person I could have chosen to walk this world with. He’s Colombian and a fireball and I covet his gorgeous skin.

Our four year-old daughter is a force to be reckoned with and I’m working off serious karma with her on a daily basis. Her and her 18 month old baby-sister are insanely cute and the accomplishment I’m most proud of, even though I regularly dream of locking myself in the closet to drown out the tantrums.

Send me a shout, I’d love to hear from you:    autumn@mommyrockout.com


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