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Do you ever pass someone on the street, and for reasons that you can’t explain, you say hello and flash them a huge smile? Sometimes they return the smile and for a moment you think to yourself, “I bet we would be friends”. We’ve all had those moments…right? Here’s the story of one of mine. … Continue reading

Guiltless Patriotism + Happy Stuff

After an apartment move, a bout of Roseola, a sudden death in the family, and the start of a new job all in a two week span (yeah for adulthood!) I’m finally feeling settled and ready to spout again. To cover the span of time I’ve got a few points to cover, so please forgive … Continue reading


In the last 24 hours I have:  Accidentally shoplifted 4 jars of organic baby food from a local Vons. I won’t be using the BOB as a shopping basket anymore. Let one rip in public and attempted to blame it on my innocent baby, gasping in faux-shock as I looked accusingly down at her stroller…only … Continue reading



Re: Sophie…  I’m not sure how to process the realization that Aspen’s favorite toy closely resembles one of those “chewies” you would give to a dog. Also similar is the puddle of drool and hours of entertainment.