My Heart’s Desires (or… Life List)

Here it is. A list of things I hope to do before my time on this planet is up…in no particular order, and absolutely subject to change. Creating this list was an immensely enjoyable process, I HIGHLY recommend it.

Why do this? Because writing things down infinitely improves one’s chances of making them happen. I intend to take life for all it’s worth, and this list feels like an open invitation to both myself and the forces that be. Thanks for reading. Send me a shout if you have questions on making your own Life List, or wanna send me some mojo for crossing one of my items off.

  • sunrise, whale-watching, thermal baths, aurora borealis & music in REYKJAVIK, Iceland  (Epic 40th birthday trip, 11/17)
  • give Aspen a healthy baby sibling (Valentina, born 12/18/12)
  • own a home with hardwood floors, old windows, and a backyard w/ fire pit and fruit trees
  • see the cherry blossoms in Tokyo – Spring
  • travel South America for 4 months
  • live in Colorado & work at a ski resort for the winter
  • go to Hawaii (May 2014)
  • dive with the Manta Rays in the Maldives
  • become as good at piano again as I was at 17 (maybe better)
  • learn to play the guitar –>> home jam sessions with the family (lessons started 1/18!)
  • grow a garden with Aspen
  • salsa dance with Sergio on the 3rd Street Promenade (getting close)
  • live somewhere tropical with the family for a year
  • get a masters degree
  • take a sailing trip around Croatia, with Matt C. at the helm
  • take Sergio to Provence
  • fly a plane (Thanks hubby, bday present 2014)
  • live on an organic farm commune with friends
  • beat Sergio @ tennis
  • remodel an old house that we own with unique, vintage reclaimed materials
  • live in France
  • own an authentic Spanish-style home
  • speak Spanish well enough to understand all the Garcia jokes
  • publish a personal essay in a national glossy magazine
  • attend an Outstanding In The Field dinner w/Heather T.
  • travel with Outstanding In The Field and write about it for their blog
  • complete a yoga teacher training
  • rock Burning Man
  • listen to local jazz in Cuba
  • perfect a free-form handstand (no wall)
  • design a successful cause marketing campaign to fight childhood hunger
  • improve my BBQ skills beyond their current half-ass status
  • love my job (every one of them since 2011)
  • design my own belt line
  • attend a music festival in Montreal
  • design & build a piece of wood furniture
  • tea or farmers market shopping with Claire Diaz Ortiz
  • be on TV once –> look and sound awesome
  • take Tara to Miami
  • dream in French
  • take Mom & Granny to New York City
  • take my Dad fishing & drinking in New Orleans (take Serg to New Orleans and cheers to Dad’s memory while singing loudly at a piano bar)
  • bring Granny to Santa Monica (Aug. 2013)
  • visit Paris with Serg & Christophe
  • make my own ginger beer brew
  • marry a wonderful man that I can’t live without
  • organize a mud-wrestling match with girlfriends & Tequila
  • learn a few songs on the ukelele
  • do 3 pull-ups
  • fly a helicopter
  • help under-privileged kids learn to cook
  • see a U2 concert with Brady (Rose Bowl May ’17)
  • attend The Daily Show w/Serg & Mosses
  • help Papa Sergio get his belt workshop going
  • boost Country Kitchen through social media (underway!)
  • sing in historic European landmarks w/a choir full of close friends
  • appear in one of Brady’s films
  • live on a river
  • take a thai cooking class with Jen Hull
  • weekend retreat with Kendra (Oprah Super Soul Sunday 4/16)
  • go to Nantucket with Carter
  • have lunch with Richard Branson
  • travel to Africa (thank you Mom & Dad)
  • be in charge of a multi-million $ foundation
  • own a reclaimed wood dining room table with bench seats (got it)
  • refine my wardrobe so it feels totally “me”
  • write a collection of funny parenting stories with Diana
  • play in a groovy girl rock band
  • sea kayak in Malibu
  • see Coldplay live
  • hear David Sedaris read (with Tara Hyde, Spring ’17)
  • see Mumford & Sons in concert
  • see Orcas in Alaska


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