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Confessions of a Biased Juror

Confessions of a Biased Juror

On Monday morning I drove to the LA County Courthouse to fulfill my civic obligation of jury duty. Don’t you assume that jury duty will turn out to be a traffic violation, petty crime or some marital dispute? I never imagined it would be something substantive, let alone a case and a victim with whom … Continue reading

Dear President Obama (uncensored)

Dear President Obama, On the day you were elected — we cheered, we danced, we felt all the hope and possibility you had fed us for the last 15 months. We were full…and on the winning team once again. But you’re letting us down. They’re pushing you around and you’re turning the other cheek. What … Continue reading

Guiltless Patriotism + Happy Stuff

After an apartment move, a bout of Roseola, a sudden death in the family, and the start of a new job all in a two week span (yeah for adulthood!) I’m finally feeling settled and ready to spout again. To cover the span of time I’ve got a few points to cover, so please forgive … Continue reading